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Roots Excelurator
Roots Excelurator is the top show piece in the House and Garden line of nutrients. It’s exact formul..
Dark Room 200
The DARK ROOM is specially lined with 95% reflective hammered effect mylar fabric (210D), to increas..
Auto Pot System (24 Pot)
The AutoPot 24 Pot Kit gives you all the items you need to feed twenty four plants in 15ltr pots fro..
Auto Pot System (12 Pot)
The AutoPot 12 Pot Kit gives you all the items you need to feed twelve plants in 15ltr pots from a 2..
SpinPro Trimmer
The Best Trimmer For The Hobby Grower.   This small trimmer is geared toward small-medium..
Aqua Flakes A & B
House & Garden A&B Aqua Flakes have been designed for use in both run to waste rock wool and..
PowerStar Pro 4 way
The Ecotechnics PowerStar Pro Contactors have been specifically designed to allow the timed switchin..
B 52
B52 contains a high concentraion of synthetic B-Vitamins which boost your plants ability to absorb h..
O'D-AIR Ozone Generator
O'D-AIR OZONE GENERATORS ARE HERE! Next Generation – Powerful –Multifunctional Producing an impressi..
Cocogreen 50L
Cocogreen Professional Grade Buffered Coco is used Worldwide by High Profile Commercial Hydroponic ..
3 Keys to Success
Roots Exelurator, Amino Treatment and Top Shooter in an attractive presentation box. All three produ..
Exhale C02 Bags
Easy to use, just hang slightly above the height of the plants in your grow space. Each bag will pro..
Dark Room 600
The latest and the greatest of Mammoth Dark Room Secret Garden! Mammoth offers plenty of space for..
TrimPro Electric Trimmer
The TrimPro Electric Trimmer uses top quality materials yet brings you this electric plant trimmer o..
Groteq Dark Roof 120
The Growteq Dark Roof Hydroponic Tent is designed to perfectly fit in your loft! Measurements are: ..
Grotek Heavy Bud 4L
Heavy Bud is a complex blend of plant essentials designed to provide nutrition and energy to plants ..
Budget Filters
Budget Carbon Filters are a more economic version of our standard filter range, offering equal odour..
Budget Rope Ratchets
Adjustable Light Hanger,YoYo Reflector Hangers. ..
Rhino Hobby Filers
The Rhino Hobby carbon filter is an aluminium cylinder containing a fine granular form of carbon cal..
Lumii 400w Kit
Lumii 400w Budget Lighting System with Sunblaster 400w lamp...
Lumii Dual Lght Ballast
These new dual core ballasts from Hydrogarden the same people who supply the Lumatek range have a si..
Canna Coco Professional Plus +
CANNA COCO has been developed and created to fulfil all the requirements for the cultivating fast gr..
RVK Fans
The RVK series is designed for installation in ducts. The casing is manufactured from PA6 fibreglass..
Dark Room 120
The DARK ROOM is specially lined with 95% reflective hammered effect mylar fabric (210D), to increas..
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